In the sumnmer of 1977 I was selling herion out of my apartment when the Oakland Vice Officers kicked in my door with their guns drawn, screaming they had a search warrant, demanding my lady to lay down on the floor, they searched the apartment, but they didn't find anything. So this prompted my brother and I to put together a Plan that would upset Oakland and put me behind the scene. That was the beginning of "The Family".

I was arrested at the San Francisco Airport, December 1979 with a Kilo of raw herion, but I beat the case a few months into 1980. In August 1980, the Mob made a surprise move on the Family, killing four innocent people and one family member. When Felix found out that the Family was on the streets in full force looking for him, he left town and set up shop in Los Angeles.

In the summer of 1982 I took my sister to Fresno, CA to a Kenneth Copeland Convention, and that was where the seed was planted in me. A few months later, I went to visit my brother Dave in San Quentin, but they would'nt let me visit him.I came to my place of business upset, and told the preacher who had been preaching in front of my business for a while every Saturday morning, to do his preaching somewhere else, he shook the dust from his feet and moved across the street, and from that day on everything went bad for me. I was shot in my stomach in 1983, and in the summer of 1984, I was shot in my arm.

In November 1984, I was invited to a Christian Thanksgiving dinner and a guy from Motown was there, and The Lord used him to water the seed that had been planted in me. On December 10th, 1984, Oakland Vice Officers and the FBI raided my home in the Oakland hills, where they found money, herion and cocaine. I was arrested and faced fifty years in federal prison. The next day, I made Jesus the Lord of my life.

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